Title IX prohibits sex or gender discrimination in any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.  Inquires regarding the application of Title IX may be directed to the Title IX Coordinator, Kathleen Salvaty (titleix@conet.ucla.edu) (310) 206-3417, or the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights, OCR@ed.gov.

UCLA is committed to creating and maintaining a community free of all forms of discrimination and harassment, including gender discrimination.  Gender discrimination includes sexual harassment and sexual violence.  UCLA does not tolerate sexual harassment, which is prohibited both by law and by University policy.

UCLA students and employees are protected from pregnancy discrimination. Under Title IX, it is illegal for schools to exclude a pregnant student from participating in any part of an educational program.  Other federal and state laws also protect pregnant employees from discrimination. Please click on the links below for resources and information on this topic:

The Title IX Coordinator is available to consult and provide advice to anyone in the UCLA community regarding rights and responsibilities under Title IX as well as policies and procedures

The Title IX office takes reports of gender discrimination, including allegation of sexual harassment and sexual violence.  The title IX Coordinator ensures that all complaints are handled in accordance with established policies and procedures.

The UC Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment defines who is a responsible employee obligated to report instances of sexual violence and sexual harassment.