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Below you will find information about Training requirements, upcoming events and workshops, as well as information on how to request a training for your group. 

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Title IX Training Requirements





Year 1: (per AB 1825): 2-hour

Learning Management System (LMS) course or 2 hours of other training, e.g., Life Theatre, etc.

Note: This is the usual

Faculty/Supervisors staggered rollout of this course depending on the individual due date.

Content that meets requirements of AB 1825. 2-hour LMS course and Life Theatre presentations meet this requirement

Year 2: After the 2-hour training, taken every other year.

A Message from Campus leadership emphasizing our values, promoting safe campuses, and reinforcing supervisors/ faculty responsibility to prevent and correct behavior that violates the SVSH Policy and effectively respond to, and report, any sexual violence and sexual harassment to the campus Title IX Coordinator. Reinforces responsible employee obligations with regard to incidents involving UC students and employees.



Year 1: 1-hour LMS course or other training such as Life Theatre. New employees will take this course within 30 days of starting.

Content that meets UC educational SVSA content requirements. LMS course and Life Theatre presentations meet this requirement.

Year 2: The off-year after the 1hour training is taken

A message from Campus leadership emphasizing our values, promoting safe campuses, and reinforcing UC’s commitment to preventing and correcting harassment and effectively respond to and reports sexual violence and sexual harassment

to the campus Title IX Coordinator. Reinforces responsible employee obligations with regard to incidents involving UC students.


Incoming Students (Level 1):

All incoming students

(undergraduates and graduates) will have three points of education prior to and within the first six weeks of their first term with UC that can be delivered through welcome letters, orientation, online modules, and in-person education. The campus can define the specific delivery methods for these three points of education (at least one will be in-person training during the student’s first 6 weeks).

The following core concepts will be incorporated into the three education levels, and form the foundation for all training content:

1. Definitions of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

2. Social Norms – attitudes and beliefs that normalize violence

3. Bystander Intervention

4. Trauma Informed Response

5. Support Resources – including confidential resources and respondent services

6. Reporting Rights & Options

Ongoing Education (Level 2 and 3): Education will be delivered on an ongoing basis during the student education cycle. Campuses can define the specific delivery methods for ongoing education.

Level 2 and 3 content will build on the foundational concepts of Level 1, but offer additional information on these topics. It is critical that information is delivered in dosages and tailored to the student life cycle.

Faculty & Supervisor Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is a bi-annual requirement for Supervisors (including MSP, ITP equivalents and above and all Faculty) as mandated by the UC Office of the President. 

To complete the course online,  please follow the steps below: You will need a UCLA Logon ID (formerly known as Bruin Online or BOL ID) to access the training. For UCLA Logon ID assistance, please go to or contact the Bruin Online Help Desk: (310) 267-HELP.  Before starting the training, pop-up blockers on your computer must be turned off. If you need assistance with pop-up blockers or other technical issues, please visit: or contact your IT staff.

The briefing does not need to be completed all at once; if you need to return to the briefing, the program will take you to where you last were in the briefing. Use instructions below to resume the course, or to review materials at a later date. To Access Your Required Training: -Go to: -On the UCLA Logon screen, enter your UCLA Logon ID and Password (formerly BOL or Bruin On-line) then click "Sign In". -On the Menu-Bar (upper-left hand corner of the screen) click on "Assess" and then click on "Training Analysis". -A listing of courses that you are required to complete or you have signed-up for will be displayed. -If you are required to complete the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training it will display as follows: eCourse: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors -Click the "Start" button to the left of the course name to begin the training.   If you close the course window, you may re-start the course, returning to the point where you last were in the course. -Once you have completed the course, click the log off link in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. -Close your browser (all windows) completely before leaving the computer. -You will receive a completion confirmation email, within 30 minutes of finishing the course. It is important that the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is completed immediately. If you have any questions regarding this requirement for you to take this course or any other non-technical feedback, please email: 

For anonymous reporting of non-compliant behavior, please call (310) 206-3417 or you can fill out a Public Incident Report.

Staff Training

Mandatory Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Staff 

The President of the University of California (UC) has made it a priority to address prevention of and effective responses to sexual violence and sexual harassment. One of the many ways the University is addressing this important issue is through a comprehensive online Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Program that was rolled out in February 2016.

All UC staff employees on payroll with active status must complete an in-person training or the video-based online training yearly; for new hires, within six weeks of employment. The training program is designed to help employees learn about, and understand, their role in ensuring that the University community remains free of all forms of discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment and violence, which is prohibited by law and UC Policy. (Managers, supervisors, and faculty are scheduled for training on a separate calendar schedule.)

An email notification with a link to the UC Learning Center to access the training program will be sent to Staff. The training takes approximately 50 minutes to finish. In the coming weeks, an individual email will be sent to UCLA non-supervisory staff members reminding them to complete the training. 

For those employees who do not have access to online training, alternative methods of in-person training are available to satisfy this requirement. Please contact your supervisor or departmental Human Resources representative to determine whether this option is available for your department.

Health System employees experiencing technical difficulty accessing the online training should email for assistance. Campus employees requiring assistance should email for support or visit the CHR Training & Development Computer Lab at the Wilshire Center, Suite 1080 (email for availability).

To login to UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for STAFF, click the link below. 


TA Workshops

Training for New Teaching Assistants

Topic(s): Sexual Violence/Harassment Prevention & Reponse 
Description: A one hour training by the Title IX Office covering Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Prevention and Response. 

If you would like to schedule a session for your group, please contact Jessica Corona at



Graduate Students

Training Requirements

1) All new UC graduate students are required to complete Think About It, an interactive online educational program that promotes awareness of campus sexual harassment and sexual violence prevention resources, the University's affirmative consent standard, and options for bystander intervention and risk reduction. The program highlights resources for graduate students, as well as for undergraduates who graduate students may need to refer for support and services.

2) Beginning with the 2016-17 academic year, all new students will also be required to complete in-person sexual harassment and sexual violence prevention training. New students who do not receive this training at orientation or through their departments will have to attend an one hour in-person training session on campus. The dates, locations, and registration for these training sessions are available via under "SVSH Prevention (Required)".

3) Beginning with the 2016-17 academic year, continuing students who completed the Think About It training in their first year will be asked to participate in additional refresher training. A detailed announcement concerning this follow up training will be sent later this term.

Process: Each graduate student will receive an email containing a link to the Think About It online training program, which takes about two hours to complete. New graduate students must complete this module, as well as the in-person training, before registration opens for the second term of 2016-2017 (dates vary by school/program). Students who have not completed the training by that date will have an enrollment hold placed on their record; they will not be able to register for courses until they have completed the training.

Please contact Graduate Division, at if you need to make up the required in-person training or have a hold on your student record. 

Undergraduate Student Training Requirements



All newly admitted UCLA students are required to receive education and training on topics related to sexual violence and sexual harassment.  This must be accomplished by completing two things:

  1. A live presentation for undergraduate students related to issues of sexual violence and sexual harassment
  2. An online module entitled “Think About It”  

Failure to meet both components of the requirement will result in a hold being placed on student records.  If you have a hold on your record and have met BOTH of the requirements above, you may contact the New Student and Transitions program office to have your hold removed.  You may contact them via e-mail at  

If you have not yet completed both requirements and want your hold removed, you must ensure you have followed these steps:

  1.  Attend a make-up session. You can sign up for a session through myucla event reservations.  In, you can click on the “event reservations” button under campus life -> calendar and navigate to the group “new student & transition programs to sign up (event is titled “mandatory health education - sexual violence/title ix education make-up session”). Please bring your bruincard to the session for identification.  New Student & Transition Programs will be notified immediately after each session of student attendance. 
  2. If you have not completed the "Think About It" module, complete the module online.  Check the e-mail account you have listed in for an e-mail from Campus Clarity/EverFi; check your spam folder.  If you are unable to locate the link to the "Think About It" training module, you may contact to have the link re-sent to you. 

*Students that are athletes, in organizations such as Fraternity/Sorority Life, SOLE, etc., must complete an additional targeted Title IX presentation.  

Training Request 

Training request are to be submitted ONLY by UCLA personnel. Before submitting training request below, the following MUST be included: 

1. Department/Campus Organization
2. Training Location
3. Proposed Dates and Times
4. Audience (i.e., supervisor, faculty, staff, TAs, students)
5. Number of Participants
6. Are there particular topics that you like us to discuss?
7. Are you able to provide a computer, projector and audio equipment for the training?
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